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What is GISF?

At GISF, we craft leading research, host original training and events, and maintain a 'one-stop-shop' for security risk management in the humanitarian sector through our online hub.

The Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) is an independent member organisation, with over 130 international non-government organisations (NGOs) in our network. We work to strengthen NGO security practices worldwide, helping them to keep their aid workers safe and reach people in need.

What does GISF do?


We work with international experts to develop good practice guides that influence the security policies of countless organisations.

We also explore strategic and conceptual topics through research papers and reports. Topics we’ve covered include:

  • gender and security risk management
  • managing the security of aid workers with diverse profiles
  • security risk management and religion
  • and much more.


Every year, we organise two members’ Forums in spring and autumn. Through peer-to-peer sharing and international expertise, these two-day events offer invaluable learning opportunities.

We also organise several workshops throughout the year, on topics such as:

  • running an investigation
  • leading a crisis management team
  • managing sexual violence against aid workers
  • and much more.

Digital resources

With a growing international membership, virtual engagement is key to GISF’s work. We run webinars, live-streams and online briefings. In addition to this, the GISF Chat allows members to communicate with the whole network at the touch of a button. The exclusive facility provides a space to:

  • share useful documents and templates
  • provide updates on global developments
  • ask questions and request information
  • explore practice and policy on a range of topics through targeted channels.

Our e-library provides thousands of useful resources for humanitarian security. From reports to training packs, the e-library makes it as easy as possible to find information when it’s needed.

Online hub

Our website provides a wide range of services for all those interested in security risk management, including:

  • free advertisement of vacancies for security professionals in the sector
  • details of security training courses run by NGO-appropriate providers
  • virtual and face-to-face events on topics related to security risk management.

The site also houses a members’ area, which provides tailored opportunities for knowledge-sharing within our core network.

How does GISF work?

GISF’s status as an independent organisation

A team of staff make up the GISF Secretariat. Based in London, UK, the Secretariat handles the organisation’s day-to-day functioning. A US office based in Washington, D.C. also supports our growing membership in the Americas.

GISF began as a hosted organisation within large INGOs, including Christian Aid and Mines Advisory Group. In February 2024, GISF became independent, incorporated in England as a Community Interest Company (CIC/a not for profit organisation).

As a CIC, our Articles of Association function as our constitution, which are legally binding and publicly available. Our constitution is structured around our status as a “company limited by guarantee with a large membership”. Membership gives organisations a formal voice in the direction and governance of GISF.

Our governance

GISF CIC has a Board of Directors with overall responsibility for GISF meeting its statutory (financial and legal) and other obligations, ensuring that GISF meets the interests of its members.

Our operations directly supporting the Americas kindly continue to be hosted by ChildFund.

Our Steering Group, composed of up to ten members, leads GISF’s strategic direction. The group is chaired by Phil Candy of Medair, and its current members are:

  • Peter Doyle | Concern Worldwide
  • Amaury Cooper | HIAS
  • Thomas Kaye | Access Now
  • Elodie Leroy-Le Moigne | Plan International
  • Euan Mackenzie | Saferworld
  • Noemi Munoz | International Rescue Committee
  • Scott Ruddick | CARE USA
  • Paul Westbury | GOAL
  • Toby Woodbridge | Amnesty International

Alongside the Steering Group, there is an Americas Steering Committee, composed of five individuals. It leads on the strategic direction of the GISF Americas team. The group is chaired by Scott Ruddick of CARE USA and its current members are:

  • Amaury Cooper | HIAS
  • Ben Whelan | Access Now
  • Shannon Fariel-Mureithi | ChildFund
  • Viviana Ardila | IRC
  • Marieke van Weerden | Catholic Relief International

Join us on our journey towards an ever-more collaborative, innovative and inclusive GISF.

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Achieving access to crisis-affected populations through sustainable security risk management.

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