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Business partners


Ambrelia is a specialist insurance broker, providing bespoke advice and support to help clients select health insurance, medical and security evacuation insurance, and crisis management (kidnap and ransom, extortion, and threats) insurance for NGO staff.

Since 2013, Ambrelia has advised many international organisations and NGOs on how to protect their national and international employees working anywhere in the world. Their team also provides permanent and personalised follow up.


Conducttr is the go-to crisis-exercising platform for the humanitarian sector. Their software empowers organisations to go beyond ineffective slide presentations and create immersive exercises and build permanent resilience. With their simulation software, any NGO can build and deliver realistic, emotionally-engaging team exercises. Conducttr exercises can be run remotely or in-person, and organisations track the performance of the participants across the globe through a secure hub, deploying exercises of any length, from hours to weeks, and for teams of any experience.

Join their next live simulation here: https://www.conducttr.com/online-live-simulation

Control Risks

Control Risks is a specialist risk consultancy. They are committed to helping organisations ensure that they are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity. With over 3000 professionals and 34 offices worldwide, Control Risks is positioned to help wherever and whenever required. They don’t just know the world – they live and work in every part of it.


Dragonfly is the new name for Risk Advisory’s former Intelligence & Analysis practice. Dragonfly is a private intelligence service to professionals who guide decision-making in the world’s leading organisations, helping them to anticipate danger, see and plan ahead. Their intelligence professionals see the world in slow motion, engaging their selective attention to help clients focus on what matters. They craft intelligence that is all source, corroborated, analysed, filtered, precisely honed, privately accessed, vividly presented, and produced to their clients to advance their agenda, plan with precision and sustain their advantage.


Factal is a breaking news technology company that helps the world’s largest organisations protect people, avoid disruptions and expedite disaster relief when global events put them at immediate risk. Teams of all sizes at over 230 NGOs use Factal’s fast, verified updates. You’ll be able to move faster to help protect staff, direct emergency resources, and keep tabs on fast-moving developments. Chat with their 24/7 newsroom and other security pros to get the situational intelligence you need. Receive alerts anywhere you need them, including via the popular Factal mobile app.

GISF members with full membership can access Factal’s unlimited real-time risk intelligence platform for free and bypass the additional Factal vetting process. GISF Associate members will also receive access, however full unlimited access to the platform may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Factal’s internal definitions. If you are interested in accessing Factal services, please fill in this form, and we can process your request.

International SOS

For almost four decades, International SOS has supported NGOs across the globe in protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, contractors and volunteers who are at home and abroad on assignment. Whether for business, supporting an emergency response or delivering long-term projects, they are your partner in helping you meet your Duty of Care responsibilities. From terrorism, targeted violence or global pandemics, crises are occurring more frequently and each time, the aid community responds in strength. International SOS enables a rapid response with support and assistance from over 1,000 locations in 90 countries, 24/7, 365 days a year with 13,000 security, medical, logistics and digital experts at your fingertips.

Proelium Law LLP

Proelium Law provides legal advice and support, specialist investigations, technical advice in cyber law areas, and consultancy services all over the world, whether clients are UK based or operating in high-risk or complex jurisdictions worldwide. Their widespread involvement includes working both in and with commercial organisations, governments, security and development industries and the specialist defence sector, making them uniquely well equipped to understand the issues facing their clients.

RSM Consulting

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp (RSM) is a full-service risk consulting and training design organisation. Their team offers a scalable range of integrated and mutually supportive services, including resilience auditing, risk consulting and crisis advisory services, the design of ISO and BSI complaint document systems, instructor led, eLearning, eXercising and video game training solutions, eBooks, extensive cloud-based instructor training content, a proprietary cloud-based incident reporting system (ISER), operational support services in more than 100 countries, a White Labelled ready-to-use and fully resourced security website, and a 24/7 emergency hotline service. RSM also offers training at their 250-person training centre and an 85-acre immersive training site (Pandora) for immersive HEAT and leadership courses.