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Published: December 23, 2021

Goodbye from Léa

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Today is my last day as GISF Research Advisor and before leaving I wanted to say a final thank you to everyone with whom I worked with over the past two/three years.

I have been amazed at how welcoming and supportive GISF members have been throughout my time at GISF. I doubt I will ever meet a network of individuals who are as passionate about their work as you have been (and who are equally enthusiastic about drinks after long meetings). It has been inspiring to see the level of solidarity present in this network.

I also want to thank the entire GISF team, which has beaten all records for being both hard-working and incredibly fun and supportive. As well as having learned so much from working within this team (including a few creative ways to swear from Lisa), I have also created life-long friendships. With such a team, I have no doubt that GISF has a bright future ahead.

I can’t go away without thanking all the other actors who have contributed to GISF research, including all the amazing local, national, and international NGOs who made the partners project a success, the generous authors who contributed to the acceptance publication, but also the writers of the various security to go modules and the translators, designers and editors working behind the scenes.

Thank you as well to all the authors, editors, peer reviewers, interviewees, producers, and contributors of the various projects I have had the luck to work on. I learned so much from all of you and I am certain that these projects will help many others in the humanitarian world.

I am off to enjoy some long holidays in the Alps but if you want to stay in touch, do reach out to me at lea.moutard@gmail.com ! Happy holidays to all and all the best wishes for 2022.