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A how to guide

Published on 31 January 2022

Please use this document to familiarise yourself with the different blocks and features of the long read publishing tool and the styles that have been developed.


Over the next couple of pages this guide will act as both a demonstration and manual for how long reads can look and how to achieve the different styles.

Where appropriate, screenshots will be used to illustrate menu options and other backend settings that affect how a “block” will look.

What is a block

A block is the term we use to refer to the different elements that are used to build a long read article. It is with these and any number of child pages that will allow you to build a multi page and fully accessible document.

The screenshot on the left shows a selection of the text based blocks but there are plenty more as well to help with images, galleries, video and embedding social feeds.

There are also amongst these custom bespoke blocks that you won’t see on other sites built specifically for GISF, such as the “Navigation Heading” block that helps to build up the floating chapter navigation.

Icon block

Typographic styles

  • Except for the Publication Title, all headings to be Sentence caps only.
  • Header graphic colour to be in the secondary colour
  • Numbered section titles to have 2 spaces after the number bullet

Icons and stand out boxes

  • Info – grey
  • lightbulb – primary
  • no icon – secondary
  • chalkboard training – primary