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Published: September 20, 2018

Launch of new GISF Research Paper

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EISF is proud to launch its new research paper on how to manage the security of aid workers while being mindful of their diversity: “Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles.”

An aid worker’s personal security is impacted by the interplay between where the aid worker is, who they are, and their role and organisation. As employers, aid organisations have a duty of care to take all reasonable measures to protect their staff from foreseeable risks, including those that emerge due to an aid worker’s personal characteristics – for example, biological sex, gender, ethnicity, cognitive and physical abilities, sexual orientation, etc.

EISF’s new research paper – Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles – unpacks the challenges aid organisations face when trying to manage the security of aid workers with diverse personal profiles. The paper provides guidance to aid organisations on how to balance staff security and duty of care obligations while still respecting their employees’ rights to privacy, equality, and non-discrimination. The paper introduces the concept of ‘inclusive security risk management’.


Read the full research paper here. Or see GISF’s interactive summary brief, which summarises the key recommendations for how to implement an inclusive security risk management framework.