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About GISF 2020

26 November 2019

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About GISF 2020


SIIM Podcast: Incident Information: What is it?

In the first Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Christina Wille, Co-Director at Insecurity Insight, explains what incident information is and how it plays a vital role in non- governmental organisations (NGOs) in terms of improving security risk management but also in advocacy and project management.

Human Rights Defenders – A Shrinking Space for Civil Society

This report explores the measures used by state and non-state actors to silence or repress human rights defenders.

Community Engagement in the Context of COVID 19: Standard Operating Procedures 4

This policy is to provide guidance on carrying out community engagement in the context of COVID-19. This document has been shared by a GISF member organisation and is not to be distributed beyond the GISF membership.