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About turn: Preparing the military negotiator in current conflicts

1 January 2010

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About turn: Preparing the military negotiator in current conflicts

This paper compares the state for the negotiation paradigm in the 1990s to the state of negotiations contexts and practises in the contemporary sphere, arguing that the current climate of ideological clashes requires a shift from a military, aggressive strategy to one that focuses on negotiation and an attempt to find a solution through discussion and compromise. The paper covers various topics, including the need for greater contextual awareness; working with volatility, which the author claims requires the inclusion of unusual problem solving techniques and training manuals designed for learners based on their desire or requirement to be trained. The paper is quite practical concerning the design of training exercises and manuals and calls for constant refreshers.


Gestión de riesgos de seguridad: una guía básica para las ONG pequeñas

La presente guía pretende ser un recurso de seguridad sencillo y fácil de usar que sirva a las ONG más pequeñas para romper mitos sobre la gestión de riesgos.

New Technologies for Security Training | GISF Forum Notes | Berlin | September 2015

This session looked at some recent innovations in technology for security training. Phil Candy and Emily Fereday of RedR presented Mission Ready, an online training course aimed at giving field staff a foundation in field security management, with George Shaw (International Location Safety) speaking about ILS’ new online training. Ruth…

Hostage survival training

Hostage survival training guide for the three stages of a hostage taking: The abduction (Kidnap), The incarceration (Being held hostage), The release (Controlled, opportunity to escape, enforced).