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Adapting to urban displacement

1 February 2010

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Adapting to urban displacement


A Good Practice Guide on Pre-employment Screening: Document Verification

This document highlights the main security features present in a number of documents and the main methods used to forge such documents.

Trends and challenges in humanitarian civil–military coordination: A review of the literature

This Working Paper from the Humanitarian Policy Group project on ‘Civil-Military Coordination: The Search for Common Ground’ provides an overview of existing literature on the functioning of humanitarian civil-military coordination in practice. The paper begins by considering overarching trends and challenges in the civil-military relationship, including the increased military engagement…

The Tormented Triangle: The Regionalisation of Conflict in Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic

This report presents the outcomes of an investigation of the conflict in Chad, CAR and Sudan, and their relations and connections, concluding that the challenge of pacifying the Tormented Triangle is considerable and will continue to occupy the international community in the future. The first step, however, is to get…