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« Afghan Road » : la guerre privatisée d’Afghanistan

1 January 2011

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« Afghan Road » : la guerre privatisée d’Afghanistan

This paper primarily argues that this unregulated growth is now challenging the sovereignty of states, as it operates independently, outside state structures and there needs to be a more structured and regulated approach as a result. The author asserts that PMSCs have reached new levels of operations and economic importance as a result of the the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, the definition in the Montreux Document seems incomplete because it does not cover all activities that these companies actually provide. Interestingly, because of the involvement of PMSCs in broader, greyer areas, such as mining companies working in conflict ridden or unstable countries that possess natural resources there is a quest for respectability.


Business Continuity Management Systems: Requirements with Guidance for Use

This document lays out the requirements of the American National Standard for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCM.01-2010), designed to enable organisations to identify, develop and implement policies, objectives, capabilities, processes, and programs to address disruptive events.