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Afghanistan: Back to the reality of needs

Image for Afghanistan: Back to the reality of needs
22 December 2015

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Afghanistan: Back to the reality of needs

Afghanistan is in the midst of a chronic crisis that has been underway for 35 years. Despite the billions of dollars of aid that has been poured into the country, livelihoods continue to be lost and families are reaching the limits of their coping strategies. This report (2014), based on 35 years of ACF experience delivering aid to Afghanistan and interviews on the ground with some thirty international and Afghan stakeholders includind NGOs, state agencies, donors and diplomatic missions, attempts to answer why the aid system does not function as effectively as it should in Afghanistan.


Example Bribery Policy

This document offers an example bribery policy, looking at legal obligations, examples, responsibilities and exceptions. It also offers guidance if you or a staff member are the victim of bribery or corruption

Guidance Pack – Chemicals

This document provides information of decontamination procedures, decontamination equipment and a checklist designed to help you identify the type of chemical one may have been exposed to.