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Aid Architecture – Reflections on NGDO Futures and the Emergence of Counter-Terrorism

1 January 2005

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Aid Architecture – Reflections on NGDO Futures and the Emergence of Counter-Terrorism

Non-governmental organisations involved in international development face unprecedented conditions that call for thoughtful responses. Three major dynamics are combining to shape policy and operating environments. First, in a relatively unstable and insecure world order, NGOs must deal with demands generated by a comprehensive, interlocking architecture of international aid. A second set of pressures stem from developments within civil societies. The uncertain, interactive effects of all these evolutionary factors are now compounded by the abrupt and still emerging impact of counter-terrorism measures (CTM) on civil liberties and human rights in general and on aid policy and practices in particular. The consequences of donor and NGO compliance with CTM laws, policies, rules and procedures are likely to be unevenly distributed and potentially unchallengeable. CTM carries implications for change in NGDO behaviour and relationships, preliminary signs of which are identified. This paper unpacks and analyses key dimensions of contextual dynamics. The results are used to identify issues and critical questions that NGOs could be asking about their futures and choices.


Aid Worker Security Report 2018 – Figures at a glance

A one-page consolidated fact sheet highlighting the annual quantitative statistics that show the trends of violence against aid workers in 2017.

« Afghan Road » : la guerre privatisée d’Afghanistan

This paper primarily argues that this unregulated growth is now challenging the sovereignty of states, as it operates independently, outside state structures and there needs to be a more structured and regulated approach as a result. The author asserts that PMSCs have reached new levels of operations and economic importance…

Hostage Aide Memoire

This guidance document provides brief advice to hostages to aid them during their abduction.