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Checklist for humanitarian organisations

1 January 2011

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Checklist for humanitarian organisations

This checklist on procuring ethical cargo points to areas to consider and directs agencies to the appropriate documents or services provided by Ethical Cargo. It is useful to prompt thinking on policy and logistics on the topic and highlights how the topic has a wide effect on humanitarian assistance.


GISF and FCO meeting notes

Notes from FCO and GISF Member meeting December 2010 – Methods of cooperation between NGOs and the FCO

Russia’s North Caucasus: an arc of insecurity

This paper gives a brief history of relations between Russia and the North Caucasus, including tactics by the Russian government to combat secessionist and more recently terrorist threats. This includes an examination of Medvedev’s modernisation policy, stating that it has failed to curb the growing network of activists. Lastly the…

General Practice – a safe place: Tips and Tools

This document notes the "multidimensional nature of patient initiated violence and the need for a preventive, multifaceted response to this issue". It focuses upon preventing violence - including identifying "warning signs" and describing the "cycle of aggression" through which individuals will pass if they are to become violent - but…