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COVID-19 – Gendered implications by CARE

Please find attached two papers by CARE on the gendered implications of COVID-19, based on lessons learned and analysis of prior public health crises in the developing world and humanitarian settings

There are two papers attached:

  1. Executive Summary and Recommendations
  2. Full Report


Risks Counter Terrorism IED/Bomb & Active Shooter Procedures

This guide provides an overview of procedures for dealing with IEDs/bomb and active shooters.

Getting aid to Syria: Sanctions issues for banks and humanitarian agencies

This paper provides background information and practical tips on how banks and humanitarian agencies can work together to ensure aid can reach civilians in need of assistance in and around Syria in compliance with UK, EU and US sanctions

Translation of Taliban threat pamphlet: “Announcement Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan”

This document provides a translation for an Al-Qaeda pamphlet that was circulated in Pakistan, threatening if their demands were not met, namely the closure of liquor stores, closure of brothels, closure of NGO offices. Additionaly, it threatens people working with NGO's.