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COVID-19 – Gendered implications by CARE

Please find attached two papers by CARE on the gendered implications of COVID-19, based on lessons learned and analysis of prior public health crises in the developing world and humanitarian settings

There are two papers attached:

  1. Executive Summary and Recommendations
  2. Full Report


Afghanistan Agreements: A Collection of Official Texts from 2001 to 2011

This paper is a collection of agreements and other documents which emerged from major conferences focused on Afghanistan. All agreements included are official versions, as published online through governmental websites.

Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel

The Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel harmonise an understanding of, approach to and implementation of duty of care. They are designed to serve as a basis for clarification and exchange between seconding and receiving organisations as well as with individual secondees.

The Genesis of the militant islamic groups in Somalia and their revivalist agenda

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the key islamic groups operating in Somalia, their intentions, capabilities and ideology. It starts by introducing the reader to the wahabist ideology, key actors in the country, the Islamic Courts, and then gives a number of recommendations based on possible outlooks.