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CSR practice in the DRC’s mining sector by Chinese firms

1 February 2010

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CSR practice in the DRC’s mining sector by Chinese firms

This policy brief focuses solely on the behaviours and statistics of Chinese actors’ mineral processing and trading in the Congo. The paper differentiates between state-led, large scale investment financed by the China Export-Import (EXIM) Bank and private investment by smaller enterprises. The paper argues it is the private small organisations that commit illegal and harmful activities against local populations and environment. The author puts this down to language and cultural differences, corruption provoking wariness of appropriate engagement and limiting costs. The paper also interestingly points out that the pervasiveness of CSR in the business environment in China is very different to that in the UK or US. The paper then makes a series of recommendations to solve the obstacles, including recruiting Congolese students who had attended Chinese universities to bridge cultural and language gaps and engaging the Chinese embassy.


Medical Security Advisory Guidance on COVID-19

Medical Security Advisory Guidance by CRS, for executive, regional and country leadership. This document has been shared for the use of EISF members only.

The North Atlantic Counsel. Complicity of the International Crisis Group

This article investigates the ideological undercurrents of the International Crisis Group, primarily through its management team and past policy reccomendations. The article concludes that the ICG  has a tendency towards advocating for military intervention using a humanitarian agenda and the necessity for NATO in these occassions.

Crime, politics and violence in post-Earthquake Haiti

Although violent crime has decreased since its height in 2005, the earthquake has created new vulnerabilities and fueled an increase in crime. This paper disusses these trends and states that if they are not properly managed, these risks could threaten the upcoming elections and reconstruction process.