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Diversity in Risk

In this article (2019) for the Travel Risk Review, Adelicia Fairbanks, Research Advisor at GISF, discusses the changing makeup of aid organisations and associated shifts in risk profiles.

You can download the article via the link below. The full Travel Risk Review can be accessed from Travel Risk Media here: http://www.travelriskreview.co.uk/


Hostage UK Seminar Notes

Seminar notes from Hostage UK seminar including hostage resilience, notes from the hostage's perspective and FLO.

Guidance Note: The Role of Donors for Addressing Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Workplaces

This guidance document is aimed at donor agencies and describes the steps they can take to address the issue of sexual violence in humanitarian workplaces.

Insecurity – always an insurmountable obstacle?

This paper, drawing partly on some of the findings of the study, attempts to offer a reflection on the subject of risk acceptance, and some of the underlying factors that –apart from the actual security threat– influence security decision-making in the humanitarian sector.