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Duty of Care. Safety and Security Review

1 January 2007

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Duty of Care. Safety and Security Review


Insurrection, Terrorism, and the Pakistan Army

A report discussing the challenges faced by the Pakistan army, namely insurgency in FATA and other extremist violence. It examines various difficulties and response methods the military has encountered, and suggests that after making changes to its training and structure, the army has been able to conduct counter-insurgency operations effectively in…

NGO – Military Relations in Peace Operations

Discusses the differences within and between international military forces and humanitarian NGOs, the need for clarification surrounding roles and suggestions for improvements in relations between NGOs and military actors in peace missions.

Dutch Security Network (DSN)

The Dutch Security Network is an informal network of NGOs who are interested to discuss organisational security matters. The network exists since 2006 and has more than 40 participating NGOs. The network has a steering committee consisting of 5 member NGOs. The administration is being carried out by one of…