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First Aid for Humanitarians Personal Trauma Kits

1 April 2008

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First Aid for Humanitarians Personal Trauma Kits


The other side of the COIN: Perils of Premature Evacuation from Iraq

This report states that there would be a risk of dire consequences for Iraq and the fragile government would be more likely to fail if the US pulled out prematurely. It considers the immature civil-military relationship, ongoing COIN operations and political stability, and the inadequacy of foreign advisors alone, making…

Personal Profile Presentation

Blackstone Consultancy security presentation on a persons profile in non-permissive environments

Hostage survival training

Hostage survival training guide for the three stages of a hostage taking: The abduction (Kidnap), The incarceration (Being held hostage), The release (Controlled, opportunity to escape, enforced).