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“Focus on Operationality” Briefing Papers – Summary and Glossary

1 January 2007
Middle East and North Africa

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“Focus on Operationality” Briefing Papers – Summary and Glossary

“Focus on Operationality” Briefing Papers (2007) are meant for humanitarian organisations inside Iraq, supporting agencies, policymakers and donors. They provide information on current operational and policy challenges, as well as lessons learned and best practices drawn from recent field experience. They are based on ongoing consultations with a spectrum of assistance and protection agencies ranging from large international organisations with country-wide programming, to small Iraqi NGOs working on programming niches in small geographic areas. They were researched in Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait between November 2007 and January 2008.


Global Health, Safety and Well-being Policy Example

This is an example of an organisation's global health, safety and well-being policy.

The psychology of extreme behaviour

This document features an analysis of the psychology of extreme behaviour by Dr Luc De Keyser.

Digital Security of LGBTQI Aid Workers: Awareness and Response

This article discusses the digital risks that LGBTQI aid workers may face while working in areas that are hostile to people who identify or are perceived as LGBTQI, and ways in which aid workers and non-governmental organisations can prepare and respond to these risks.