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General Helicopter Safety Guidelines

1 January 2007

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General Helicopter Safety Guidelines

This brief, two-page document summarises key guidelines regarding general helicopter safety. It provides a number of practical information, such as what type of information is requested to activate AirLife, landing zone criteria, LZ officer duties, activation criteria, and more generic safety tips.


List of Air Carriers Subject to a European Community Civil Aviation Authorities Ban

The European Commission subjects airlines flying to and from Community airports to regular safety and maintenance standards inspections; those airlines who fail to adhere to EU standards are banned from using EU airports. This list contains all such banned airlines, and was last updated on 30/03/2010. It is important to…

CSR practice in the DRC’s mining sector by Chinese firms

This policy brief focuses solely on the behaviours and statistics of Chinese actors’ mineral processing and trading in the Congo. The paper differentiates between state-led, large scale investment financed by the China Export-Import (EXIM) Bank and private investment by smaller enterprises. The paper argues it is the private small organisations…

To Stay and Deliver – Good practice for humanitarians in complex security environments – OCHA Factsheet

A fact sheet supplying statistics and key findings from the 'To Stay and Deliver' report 2011