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Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action

This handbook provides recommended minimum standards for the processing of personal data in relation to humanitarian action. The handbook is broken into two sections: (1) general considerations, and (2) specific processing situations and technologies.

These sections include data protection principles, the data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and process, international data sharing, and considerations in relation to drones, cash transfer programmes, mobile messaging apps and cloud services.


Humanitarian Action under Scrutiny: Criminalizing Humanitarian Engagement

This working paper presents HPCR's research to date on dilemmas arising from the intersection between, on the one hand, counterterrorism laws and policies prohibiting engagement with certain non-state entities and, on the other, humanitarian access and protection of civilians in armed conflict.

Falling short. Aid effectiveness in Afghanistan

This paper states that so far aid in Afghanistan has been insufficient and in many cases wasteful or ineffective. It is argued that donors must take urgent steps to increase and improve their assistance to Afghanistan.

The Private Security Companies (PSCs) dilemma in Afghanistan

This document is intended to provide a brief examination of the security situation related to the expected impact of Presidential Decree No. 62 and the disbandment of Private Security Companies (PSCs) in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that the Decree was withdrawn, an international debate was sparked by the expected consequences…