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Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action

This handbook by ICRC (2017) provides recommended minimum standards for the processing of personal data in relation to humanitarian action. The handbook is broken into two sections: (1) general considerations, and (2) specific processing situations and technologies.

These sections include data protection principles, the data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and process, international data sharing, and considerations in relation to drones, cash transfer programmes, mobile messaging apps and cloud services.


Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating To Humanitarian Relief Operations In Situations of Armed Conflict

In armed conflicts across the world, millions of civilians need emergency assistance to survive, but all too often fighting parties prevent this relief from reaching them. The Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict both provide a firm understanding of the relevant…

GISF Research and Guides

This document contains information on GISF's reports, briefing papers, articles and guides.