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Humanitarian Security in Afghanistan

5 August 2010

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Humanitarian Security in Afghanistan

This document describes and analyses trends in attacks on humanitarian personnel, gives an overview of the training and education humanitarian personnel receive before entering a conflict zone, and explains how security issues have impacted humanitarian organisations working in Afghanistan. It contains detailed statistical information and graphs and maps.


Advice Note: Private Security Companies

This Advice Note is designed to be generic and adapted into security plans as appropriate to a specific context, dependent on the risk analysis.

Security and access in the DRC: implementing an acceptance strategy in the Ebola response

This article by Adelicia Fairbanks on behalf of EISF, published as part of Humanitarian Exchange Issue 77 by the Humanitarian Practice Network, explores the issue of insecurity in the Ebola response in DRC.

Indicators of NGO Security in Afghanistan

This paper analysises the acts of violence and tries to determine which variables, situational or policy, correspond to decreased security through analysis of 15 key variables over Afghanistan’s provinces, specific strategies to combat insecurity can be developed.