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Impunity Must End: Attacks on health in 23 countries in conflict in 2016

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition announces the publication of Impunity Must End, its fourth annual report on attacks on health around the world. The report documents attacks on health workers, health facilities, and patients in 23 countries in conflict in 2016.

Its release fell on the first anniversary of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2286, which set out a roadmap for the protection of health care in conflict.

Insecurity Insight contributed data from the Aid in Danger project using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND). This report shows the vast and devastating consequences of attacks on health care in conflict and political unrest throughout the world.


Securing aid worker safety through effective budgeting

In this article for the Crisis Response Journal, Aisling Sweeney, GISF's Communications Officer, puts forward the case for remodelling funding processes for humanitarian security risk management.