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Key Issues in Nigeria 2011 Elections

29 March 2011

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Key Issues in Nigeria 2011 Elections

This informative paper by Chatham house gives an overview of the upcoming elections. Although written before the postponement, it pinpoints key issues. These include the need to engage young people and internal security issues which mainly occur in the Niger Delta, the Central Plateau and with Islamist groups in the North-East. The paper also documents external security threats. These mainly comprise of troubled relations with Iran over an arms shipment and the expulsion of 700 migrants to surrounding countries last November. The article usefully includes a short summary of some of the key political candidates. Longer term challenges are also highlighted with the World Bank predicting that Nigeria is at risk of not meeting many of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. The article concludes that the effects of a failed election could be disastrous, both internally among the national population and also externally through the change in oil prices.


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