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Land mark ruling: Uganda’s constitutional court strengthens multi-party democracy

1 February 2011

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Land mark ruling: Uganda’s constitutional court strengthens multi-party democracy

On 1st February, the Ugandan Constitutional Court through a controversial ruling officially banned about 70 candidates from contesting in the upcoming elections – among them popular political figures including some ministers of the current cabinet. The ruling affects all those candidates – mainly for seats in parliament –who are running on a platform different from the party ticket through which they got their current seats. While official reactions have not yet been communicated, the ruling will significantly affect the dynamics in the forefront of the elections which are scheduled for 18th February.


General Helicopter Safety Guidelines

This brief, two-page document summarises key guidelines regarding general helicopter safety. It provides a number of practical information, such as what type of information is requested to activate AirLife, landing zone criteria, LZ officer duties, activation criteria, and more generic safety tips.

Minimum Operation Security Standards (MOSS) Preamble and Standards

This document seeks to lay down a foundation for InterAction member organizations as they establish and build upon their own institutional approaches to security in support of staff.

The use of explosive weapons in Syria: a time bomb in the making

This study by Handicap International analyses the use of explosive weapons in Syria over the period December 2012-March 2015.