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Landmine and UXO Safety Handbook

1 January 2000

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Landmine and UXO Safety Handbook

This handbook is NOT an instruction manual for working with mines or UXO, for surveying mined areas, or for finding and removing mines. This handbook is general in nature, and some aspects of it may not be applicable in all situations. The aim of this handbook is to provide general landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) awareness and safety information to organisations and individuals working in the vicinity of areas affected by these weapons, and to help them:
• Establish proper safety procedures;
• Avoid contact with mines and UXO;
• Take appropriate action in emergency situations involving mine/UXO incidents;
• Take appropriate action in case of accidental entry into a minefield.


Advice Note: Private Security Companies

This Advice Note is designed to be generic and adapted into security plans as appropriate to a specific context, dependent on the risk analysis.

Algorithm for Post-Assault Management in the Field

This algorithm was produced by Humanitrain to improve the post-assault management by humanitarian and development agencies working in the field.