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Lebanon. No new displacement but causes of new conflicts unresolved

30 December 2010
Middle East and North Africa

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Lebanon. No new displacement but causes of new conflicts unresolved

This document provides useful background information on previous conflicts, and comments that there has been no new displacement in 2009 or 2010, but that displacement from these previous situations remains. Lebanon has no national internal displacement policy, which has led to assistance being provided by different actors with different methods to displaced populations.


RIB Safety

A document introducing RIB safety for new users. It introduces RIB trailers and towing, slipways and how to launch a RIB, RIB safety equipment, outboard motors, some information regarding laws while using a RIB and a pre-departure safety checklist.

A clash of principles? Humanitarian action and the search for stability in Pakistan

This policy brief explores the role of principled humanitarian action in relation to the response to the 2009 crisis in Pakistan. It draws on secondary documentation and interviews with key informants in July 2009, and asks whether aid agencies should restrict themselves to a relatively limited role in an effort…

Managing a Kidnap Incident: Negotiations and Financial Strategy

This presentation by Control Risks provides information about negotiation and financial strategy to apply during a kidnapping situation. kidnapping.