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Negotiated Access. Humanitarian engagement with armed non-state actors.

1 January 2003

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Negotiated Access. Humanitarian engagement with armed non-state actors.

This essay analyzes the meaning of the term ‘negotiated access’ in the context of the provision of humanitarian aid in war zones and its transformation over the time in the changing context of conflicts. In concentrates in particular on humanitarian engagement with Armed Non State Actors (ANSA) in the context of collapsed, failed or weak states, and analyses the various modes of control ANSA exercise over population to sustain their survival strategies. The essay identifies the dynamics of humanitarian engagement and the minimum criteria for negotiations as well as various techniques and methods to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of humanitarian engagement and negotiated access . A risk –benefit model indicates when humanitarian engagement is conducive, doubtful or unwarranted. It concludes with the recommendation that enhancement of analytical skills of humanitarian practitioners are prerequisite for any successful negotiation.


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