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NGOs and Humanitarian Reform: Mapping Study – Afghanistan Report.

29 May 2009

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NGOs and Humanitarian Reform: Mapping Study – Afghanistan Report.

This paper analyses the challenging context in which aid is delivered in Afghanistan, arguing that humanitarian reform issues “pale in comparison to redressing the credibility of the humanitarian enterprise and addressing the potentially escalating assistance and protection needs of civilians caught up in conflict and crisis”. The author notes that there is little humanitarian consensus, and perhaps even less humanitarian space, in Afghanistan today, divergent from previous phases in the conflict; this is, he argues, a result of a complex set of factors, most notably the nature of the war, the international community’s objectives in the country and their links to the state-building enterprise that blurs the lines between political and neutral actors.


Advice Note: Arrest & Detention

This Advice Note is designed to be generic and adapted into security plans as appropriate to a specific context, dependent on the risk analysis.

BSI Organizational Resilience Cranfield Research Report

This document features evidence on organizational resilience based on research conducted by the British Standards Institute and the Cranfield School of Management.

ECHO Security Training Manual – Trainers’ Guide

The aim of the DG ECHO Security Training Modules is to familiarise aid workers with essential concepts relating to security and provide a foundation for operating in insecure environments by exploring individual and agency responsibilities with regards to security procedures, policies and approaches.