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Other personnel questions: Safety and Security of ILO Staff

1 March 2008

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Other personnel questions: Safety and Security of ILO Staff

This paper outlines the actions taken by the Office in the aftermath of the 11 December 2007 bombing of the United Nations building in Algiers, Algeria, which claimed the lives of 17 UN staff members. On the basis of findings by support missions, an action plan for further support was established. This plan includes a number of regular follow-up missions from headquarters and the Regional Office. The events in Algiers have prompted new assessment of the adequacy of security arrangements for UN staff globally. In the aftermath of the bombing, UNSG established an independent review panel to “evaluate the strategic issues vital to the delivery and enhancement of the security of UN personnel and premises and the changing threats and risks faced by the system”. The main items under review include the level of Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) compliance, the adequacy of the accountability framework, training, and resourcing arrangements. Although the majority of ILO offices were compliant, MOSS level remains inadequate in several project offices and further efforts were required to raise the level of compliance. The ILO reiterates its commitment to take all necessary steps to enhance staff safety and security, especially in the field.


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