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Protection Manual of LGBTI Defenders

1 January 2009

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Protection Manual of LGBTI Defenders

This manual gives more space than other security manuals for defenders on the specific issues and obstacles that prevailing societal values and legal systems present to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) defenders. It aims at addressing not only the affect of wider societal value systems on defenders protection but also to address how the internalisation of these value systems and the consequences of them can often have detrimental effects on the defenders capacity to manage their own security. It also includes information that could be used by policy makers to ensure that Sexual Orientation and Sex/Gender Identity (SOGI) rights are integrated into mainstream policies and that actions taken by stakeholders not only include LGBTI defenders but are targeted towards them and the specific issues they face in order to improve their over all protection.


SIIM Podcast: Incident Information: What is it?

In the first Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Christina Wille, Co-Director at Insecurity Insight, explains what incident information is and how it plays a vital role in non- governmental organisations (NGOs) in terms of improving security risk management but also in advocacy and project management.

The EU and NATO: Towards a joint future in crisis management?

How effective has EU-NATO cooperation in crisis management been so far, and how will or should EU-NATO relations develop in the future? In recent years, the cooperation between these two largely overlapping institutions has become difficult and was at times blocked.

Survey Detection

This presentation discussese the perpetrator sequence in identifing target, and provides some guidances in countering hostile detection.