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Saving Lives Together June 2009 Survey – Executive Summary

1 June 2009

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Saving Lives Together June 2009 Survey – Executive Summary


Managing Terrorism Risks: A Practical Guide

This document prepared by Ackerman Group for Chubb Executive Protection provides help to corporations to begin the process of developing a risk management plan to address kidnapping and extortion risks.

Writing the Rights: Highlighting the International Standards on the Right of Victims of Armed Violence

This report argues for a greater awareness to the need to protect people that were the victims of armed violence, analysing some of the most important topics, such as equality and non-discrimination, access to justice, awareness raising, torture, rendition, health, among others.

Challenges to human security in complex situations. The case of conflict in the southern Philippines

This first publication by the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) focuses on Mindanao, bringing together issue experts to discuss factors that have given rise to conflict, how communities have managed conflict situations, and the trend of kidnapping as one example of rampant criminality in the area. The authors…