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Sentenced motor vehicle hijackers imprisoned in Gauteng as a source of crime intelligence

1 January 2002

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Sentenced motor vehicle hijackers imprisoned in Gauteng as a source of crime intelligence

This document is based upon interviews with individuals convicted of car-jackings in Gauteng province, South Africa. It seeks to identify patterns in car-jackings, and contains a number of interesting conclusions that might aid security/risk management, such as that a surveillance period of up to 2 hours is often conducted before a car is high-jacked; car-jackers prefer not to high-jack cars at traffic lights, but rather at “stop” roads; and that up to seventy percent of cars are “pre-ordered”. It also reflects upon best practice when being car-jacked, and notes that complete submission to the car-jacker is the best approach, but also that the most dangerous moment is when the victim seeks to unfasten their seat-belt.


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