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Terrorism, Crime, and Public Policy

1 January 2009

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Terrorism, Crime, and Public Policy

This book describes the nature of terrorism; distinctions among terrorism, crime, and war; the sources of terrorism; and interventions aimed at preventing and responding to terrorism, and it attempts to do so in an interesting and occasionally provocative manner. The text is based on a refined and updated 2004 course of the School of Public Affairs at American University. The approach of the book is multidisciplinary – much like the approaches of criminology and criminal justice; it is not driven by a single theoretical perspective. Terrorism, like crime, simply cannot be dealt with adequately through the lens of a single discipline. The text draws from the literature of criminology, psychology, political science, public administration, economics, and related disciplines to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the problem and prospective solutions and to avoid the problem of reductionism common to treatment under a single perspective. The intent is to present the material in a critical, yet clear and balanced, manner.


RIB Safety

A document introducing RIB safety for new users. It introduces RIB trailers and towing, slipways and how to launch a RIB, RIB safety equipment, outboard motors, some information regarding laws while using a RIB and a pre-departure safety checklist.

Pakistan Index Tracking variables of reconstruction and security

This document includes numerous data on security indicators; governance and rule of law indicators; economic and quality of life indicators; as well as information collected from polling and public opinion.

Hostage UK Seminar Notes

Seminar notes from Hostage UK seminar including hostage resilience, notes from the hostage's perspective and FLO.