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The Aid Security Monthly News Brief – November 2014

14 October 2015

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The Aid Security Monthly News Brief – November 2014

This monthly digest documents threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources. It complements resources that already exist, such as the Aid Worker Security Database, which provides statistics and analysis about attacks against aid workers.


Discussion Summary of OFDA Consultation on Humanitarian Field Security

This report summarize consultation on how has OFDA addressed last year’s priorities; the security challenges and suggestions for OFDA; and finally the prioritization. The consultation were addressed at three levels: Field; HQ and Community.

GISF Forum | September 2015 | Key Learning Points

This summary document highlights key information and learning points from the GISF Forum which was held in Berlin in September 2015.

Earthquakes: Basic Survival Rules

A presentation advising on how to prepare for, and mitigate the impact of, earthquakes