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The Business of Resilience: Corporate Security for the 21st Century

1 June 2006

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The Business of Resilience: Corporate Security for the 21st Century

Doing business is getting more and more complex. Globalisation has changed the structure and pace of corporate life; the saturation of traditional markets is taking companies to more risky places; the shift towards a knowledge economy is eroding the importance of ‘place’ in the business world; new business practices such as offshoring challenge companies to manage at a distance; and new forms of accountability, such as corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, put added pressure on companies to match their words with deeds, wherever they are operating. One response has been the shift from functional to matrix structures, where companies organise themselves into teams with diverse skills and expertise to solve specific business problems, power is devolved to the local level, and effective management relies on being able to work across the organisation through trusted networks rather than the official channels.


Regional shortcomings and global solutions: Kidnap, ransom and insurance in Latin America

This document analyses the history and varied types of kidnap and ransom insurance ("K & R"), discusses the statistical trends of kidnapping in Latin America, and provides the example of three kidnapped Northrop Grumman employees to illustrate its arguments.  The paper provides a good introduction to K & R policies…

Project Oasis Image – Bagdad

Imagery of Iraq where Oasis is deployed among more than 20 United Nations organizations and NGOs operating. iMMAP has been asked by OCHA to undertake a broad information coordination role in Iraq in support of OCHA, a role that will include OASIS as a vehicle for information sharing.

Humanitarian Exchange Journal 45: Colombia

Humanitarian Exchange 45 focuses on the humanitarian situation in Colombia and includes reports on: implementing humanitarian reform; military participation; the landmine crisis; displacement and return; and anti-narcotics policy and security.