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The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios

16 March 2020

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The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19: Seven Scenarios

The scenarios in this paper demonstrate that even a contained outbreak could significantly impact the global economy in the short run. These scenarios demonstrate the scale of costs that might be avoided by greater investment in public health systems in all economies but particularly in less developed economies where health care systems are less developed and population density is high.


Special Edition Podcast: Managing Operations in a COVID-19 World

In this one-off podcast, Tara Arthur, GISF’s Projects and Membership Officer (Americas) speaks to Heather Hughes, GISF’s Deputy Director. Since February, Heather has been leading GISF’s activities on COVID-19. During this short release, Tara and Heather discuss some of the challenges the humanitarian security risk management community is facing and…

Pakistan Index Tracking variables of reconstruction and security

This document includes numerous data on security indicators; governance and rule of law indicators; economic and quality of life indicators; as well as information collected from polling and public opinion.

World Humanitarian Day Care Article

This article by the CARE International Secretariat on the Humanitarian Day 2009 discusses the topic of the safety of aid workers, arguing for a greater awareness of the security issues faced by NGO's.