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The Somalia Conflict. Implications for peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts

1 September 2009

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The Somalia Conflict. Implications for peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts

Since the demise of the government of Siaad Barre, the conflict in Somalia has fluctuated in terms of its intensity, the nature of actors involved as well as its dimensions and dynamics. Various efforts have been made at resolving this highly protracted conflict. So far, there have been 15 internationally led peace processes. This conflict is not a sudden and inexplicable erup- tion. Rather, it is a result of the interplay of multiple historical, social and political processes that has shaped the political and socio-economic structure of Somalia. The aim of this paper is to attempt to identify and discuss these processes/factors and the dynamics and nature of the conflict and to identify the ways in which they impact upon initiatives for peacemaking and peacekeeping in Somalia. The imperative of establishing peace in Somalia further requires that the root causes and contributing factors are made to have a bearing on efforts for making peace and undertaking peace opera- tions in Somalia. This paper has argued and shown that a consideration of all aspects of the Somalian conflict and a comprehensive as well as disaggregated or issue specific analysis of the implications of all and each for peace processes and peacekeeping efforts is critical for respond- ing to the Somali crisis effectively and wholistically.


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