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Travel Risk Assessment Form Example

This is an example of an organisational travel risk assessment.


Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating To Humanitarian Relief Operations In Situations of Armed Conflict

In armed conflicts across the world, millions of civilians need emergency assistance to survive, but all too often fighting parties prevent this relief from reaching them. The Oxford Guidance on the Law Relating to Humanitarian Relief Operations in Situations of Armed Conflict both provide a firm understanding of the relevant…

Central America and Mexico gang assessment

The report examines the Central America and Mexico gang nature and root causes, and provides strategic and programmatic recommendations.

The NGO Scramble: Organizational Insecurity and the Political Economy of Transnational Action

This article develops a political economy approach to the study of contemporary transnational networks. It argues that many aspects of IO and INGO behavior can be explained by materialist analysis and an examination of the incentives and constraints produced by the transnational sector’s institutional environment. It advances two theoretical propositions:…