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Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Guidance and Lessons Identified

1 June 2009

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Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Guidance and Lessons Identified

This practical report summarises the current body of knowledge on the topic, articulating current understandings of good practice in crowd management and giving planners clear direction, and supporting information, regarding the safe assumptions that may be made about crowd behaviour. This guidance aims to fill a gap in the canon of guidance, and contains information that aims to be of value to a broad cross-section of the public safety and resilience community. The report has been broken down into four sections: Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Guidance and Lessons Identified; Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Supporting Evidence; Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Simulation Tools and Understanding Crowd Behaviours: Supporting Documentation.


Managing a Kidnap Incident: Communications

This presentation by Control Risks provides guidances on a communication strategy during a kidnapping situation..

Saving Lives Together June 2009 Survey – Executive Summary

This document reports on the findings of the June 2009 survey conducted by UNDSS into the Saving Lives Together (SLT) framework, assessing the current degree of security cooperation between the UN and NGOs. 

Sahel and West Africa Terrorism Briefing: Podcast

This Risk Advisory podcast has been developed for GISF members, following an exclusive intelligence briefing that explored the terrorism threat faced by foreign organisations operating in the Sahel and West Africa.