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Understanding gangs as armed groups

1 June 2010

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Understanding gangs as armed groups

Gangs have long been considered a source of violence and insecurity, but they are increasingly identified as a cause of instability and a threat to the state. Yet gangs operate mainly in non-conflict settings, raising questions about whether applying a conflict lens to understand gangs is appropriate. Marked differences appear between armed groups and gangs when considering concepts of ungoverned spaces, the state, violence, and sustainability. Few gangs reach the threshold of posing a direct challenge to the state; this makes comparisons with other armed groups difficult and suggests the need for a more specific analytical lens.


Application of HISS-CAM

A template facilitating the application of World Vision's HISS-CAM tool to challenging civil-military engagement-centred scenarios.

Rise Up – Interns, their workplace rights, and the tools to end sexual harassment

This document shares new research, offers guidance and resources for those who have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, and provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to build safe, inclusive, and vibrant workplaces.

Vulnerability Assessment: Training module for NGOs operating in Conflict Zones and High-Crime Areas

The goal of this training module is to Improve the ability to understand the most likely threats your NGO—as opposed to all NGOs—will face in an area, and provide insight into how to reduce the threats you may face.