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Westgate News Report

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25 January 2021

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Westgate News Report

A news report detailing an attack on a Nairobi shopping centre, Westgate,  by Al-Shabab. 30 people were killed and a further 60 were injured. 



Addressing Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Organisations: Good Practices for Improved Prevention Measures, Policies, and Procedures – Annex 4

This annex provides recommendations for improving procedures to address sexual violence against humanitarian aid workers.

Humanitarian Risk Initiatives: Index Report December 2009

This report provides an index of various initiatives related to safety and security of aid agencies and their staff. The purpose of this report is to inform readers of the projects themselves, who is responsible for or participating in each project, and how people and initiatives relate to each other.…

Blank Risk Register template: NGOs and Risk

A template risk register which NGOs can use for risk assessment and management.