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World Disasters Report 2010. Focus on urban risk

1 January 2010

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World Disasters Report 2010. Focus on urban risk

This year’s World Disasters Report has advice on how the urban risk divide between the developing world and the developed world can be reduced. It also highlights how, in a globalized world, a deficiency on one side of the world can create problems for us all. The challenge for humanitarian actors is to find new and concrete ways of engaging with local authorities and vulnerable communities to ensure that risk reduction is all encompassing and not simply focused on the obvious and on the post-disaster clean-up.


In Search of Safety in Iraq

This report looks at how Iraqis risk their lives trapped in conflict or try to escape, and whether there are learnings from Anbar that can be applied to Mosul. Available in Arabic as well.

Kidnap and Ransom Insight and Focus Article: The Militant Threat in The Sahel

This report covers global kidnapping trends and incidents, cyber security and piracy threats, and gives a focused overview of threats in the Sahel.