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Afghanistan: Back to the reality of needs

Afghanistan is in the midst of a chronic crisis that has been underway for 35 years. Despite the billions of dollars of aid that has been poured into the country, livelihoods continue to be lost and families are reaching the…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

No Escape: Civilians in Syria Struggle to Find Safety Across Borders

Life for Syrians trying to escape violence has reached a new level of hopelessness. Active conflict prevents aid from reaching those stuck inside Syria, while border controls are tightening, reducing civilians’ ability to flee. In neighbouring countries, health care, education…

22 Dec 2015 Resource

GISF Forum | September 2015 | Key Learning Points

This open-source summary document highlights key information and learning points from the GISF Forum which was held in Berlin in September 2015. The two-day forum of members and expert speakers was kindly co-hosted by Johanniter. Key Learning Points have been extracted…

21 Dec 2015 Resource

Aid Security Analysis – Quarter Two (2015)

This Insecurity Insight report documents and examines threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance, detailing trends over the first half of 2015 in both open-source and agency-reported data. As compared to last quarter, this edition contains more…

2 Nov 2015 Resource

Understanding a New Generation of Non-State Armed Groups

This publication by The UN System Staff college (UNSSC) and the Center for for International Peace Operations (ZIF) is the result of the 2014 Dialogue Series, a seminar for Deputy Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (DSRSGs). Noting the enormous policy and programmatic…

1 Jun 2015 Resource

MENA Regional Anlysis-Yemen

This document (2015) is part of a multi-country analysis by Other Solutions EU focusing on MENA hotspots. The document reflects on Yemen’s complex ground situation, with multiple factions struggling for power. It further highlights the vast humanitarian implications in addition to the intervention of regional powers…

1 Jun 2015 Resource

MENA Regional Analysis-Libya

This document (2015) is part of a multi-country analysis by Other Solutions EU focusing on MENA hotspots. The document gives an overview of the developing crisis in Libya, analysing key players, and further assessing the most recent development in the Country.

1 Jun 2015 Resource