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From research papers to training packs, find the resources you need, all in one place. For GISF members, please log in to access member-only resources. For hard copies of any GISF resources, please contact gisf-research@gisf.ngo. If you would like to share a resource with GISF, please contact gisf-isabel@gisf.ngo.

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      The Professionalisation of Security Risk Management in the NGO Sector | GISF & INSSA Webinar Recording

      NGO Security Management, Safety, Training

      For decades, aid workers have responded to increasing humanitarian needs in complex environments while facing serious threats and access challenges. Security risk management (SRM) has become crucial in allowing humanitarians to deliver aid despite these obstacles, and the sector’s professionalisation…

      Event recording, Training Document 2022 English GISF publication

      Security Risk Management Essentials Certificate


      Developed in collaboration with DisasterReady and Insecurity Insight, this free assessment-based certificate programme enables humanitarian organisations and staff to understand the basic principles and practices behind security risk management, strengthen their security capacity and systematise security risk management processes and…

      Training Document 2022 English GISF publication

      The Art of Training Humanitarian Workers


      Details This is a set of learning modules which provide practical guidance on learning methodology basics to ensure quality competency-based training and support the roll-out of competency-based approach to rapid response learning and development. This course will be great for you if…

      Tool, Training Document 2022 English

      GISF NGO Security Toolbox Launch | GISF & INSSA webinar

      Acceptance, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Training, Duty of Care

      GISF NGO Security Toolbox The GISF NGO Security Toolbox provides easily accessible guidance, resources and tools to help NGOs integrate good risk management practices into their operations in-country during humanitarian responses. The toolbox enables both security specialists and non-security staff…

      Academic Resource, Guidance Material, Training Document, Video, Webinar, Event recording 2022 English GISF publication

      Stay Safe 2.0 Global Edition


      Security is everyone’s responsibility. That is why the new Stay Safe 2.0 Global Edition is for you. You will find three different levels in the new Stay Safe 2.0 Global Edition: Level 1 – Fundamentals Level 2 – Personal and Volunteer Security…

      Training Document 2022 English

      Training for Drivers

      Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management, Safety

      A comic, created by Oxfam, to inform drivers on security issues and SoPs.

      Training Document 2021 English

      How to research Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) safely

      NGO Security Management, Safety, Wellbeing

      This short how-to-note provides practical guidance for researchers or monitoring and evaluation (M&E) staff collecting data or researching Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) related subjects. The note is available on the left.

      Other, Training Document 2021 English

      How to design and deliver safe and ethical monitoring, evaluation and research

      NGO Security Management, Safety, Wellbeing

      This how-to-note provides detailed and practical guidance on safeguarding considerations for monitoring, evaluation (M&E) and research. This note details what safe M&E is, what needs to be in place to support safe M&E and research and what should be considered…

      Other, Training Document 2021 English

      CME Injects

      Training, NGO Security Management, Safety

      Training Document 2021 English