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SIIM Podcast: Humanitarian Incidents

NGO Security Management

The Humanitarian Incidents podcast is an ECHO funding project which looks at different aspects and perspectives of incident information and humanitarian security risk management. Each episode brings humanitarian experts from Geneva to South Sudan doing everything from research to operations.…

Podcast 2018 English GISF publication

GISF Research and Guides

NGO Security Management

This document contains information on GISF’s reports, briefing papers, articles and guides (2016). These publications aim to address some of the key issues faced by NGOs and security risk managers engaged in humanitarian operations.

Other 2018 English GISF publication

Digital Security of LGBTQI Aid Workers: Awareness and Response

Gender, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

As the world becomes increasingly connected and more of our lives are recorded, accessed and processed digitally, the nature of threats and personal risks changes. Digital security threats on their own can have a range of consequences to a person’s…

Article 2017 English GISF publication

GISF Podcast: Improving access through coordination

NGO Security Management

Lisa Reilly, Executive Director at GISF, is committed to improving humanitarian security risk management through sharing of information and coordination between as many actors as possible. In this episode of the EISF in Conversation podcast, Lisa shares stories about how…

Podcast 2017 English GISF publication

GISF Podcast: What are the challenges for humanitarians working in the field?

Human Rights

In the fourth GISF in Conversation podcast, we spoke to two humanitarians working in Iraq: Craige Grice, an NRC Security Adviser, and Salah Noori, an NRC Programme Adviser. They discuss the significance of security risk management in accessing those in…

Podcast 2017 English GISF publication

GISF podcast: What does a Global Security Advisor do?

NGO Security Management

In the third episode of the GISF in Conversation podcast series, Heather Hughes, Oxfam GB’s Global Security Advisor, speaks about what security risk management means to her organisation. She highlights the benefits and importance of security risk management and challenges perception…

Podcast 2017 English GISF publication

GISF Podcast: How do the humanitarian principles relate to security risk management?

Legal Obligations, Localisation, NGO Security Management

In this episode of the EISF in Conversation podcast series, we sat down with Eva Svoboda, a Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute, to discuss the humanitarian principles and how they relate to security risk management. Eva speaks about the…

Podcast 2017 English GISF publication

Security Incident Information Management (SIIM) Handbook

Security incident information management (SIIM) is the collection, reporting, recording, analysis, sharing and use of information (including data) linked to a security incident (2018). Security incident information management is a key part of an organisation’s broader security risk management, which…

Guidance Material 2017 Arabic, English, French, Spanish GISF publication