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Scenario Planning

NGO Security Management

What is scenario planning? Why use it? Scenario planning is a futures technique used for medium to long-term strategic analysis and planning. It is used to develop policies and strategies that are robust, resilient, flexible and innovative. Scenarios are stories…

Guidance Material 2009 English

The Niger Delta Crisis: issues, challenges and prospects

Context Analysis

Researchers L.A. Afinotan and V. Ojakorotu deal in this paper (2009) with issues and prospects about Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Indeed, “Nigeria’s Niger Delta region is not only home to the greater part of Africa’s largest mangrove forest, but also the…

Academic Resource 2009 English

Hostage negotiation in Columbia and the FARC: Deconstructing the problem

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Safety

This paper by David J. Topel (2009) aims to deconstruct negotiation techniques and agreements in Colombia. It does not deal specifically with any particular hostage crisis event but gives a short introduction to the groups and history of conflict as…

Article 2009 English

Critical Incident Protocol: Your Guide to Managing Critical Incidents

NGO Security Management

This report (2009) by CARE International provides an overview of the action steps that are necessary to do before, during and after a critical security incident. It gives detailed information on those steps also regarding the first 72 hours after…

Report 2009 English

Strategic Conflict Assessment: North Caucasus

Context Analysis

This Strategic Conflict Assessment study (SCA), undertaken by Anton Ivanov (2009), contains an assessment of the current conflict and cooperation dynamics in the North Caucasus with a focus on developments in the region that have taken place since the previous…

Report 2009 English