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Published: October 7, 2020

Survey responses required

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As part of our ongoing support for research in the humanitarian security sector that seeks to improve practice and challenge assumptions, GISF shares the below survey, which forms part of research being conducted by Sean Denson, a doctorate student at the University of Portsmouth.

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Sean is a representative of a GISF member international NGO and has participated in and supported many GISF forums and workshops. Sean’s research challenges whether the technical application of security risk management (SRM) in the sector is effective enough in practice to manage security risks to acceptable levels, given the dangerous, complex and unpredictable environments where humanitarians commonly work. SRM is a proven approach in environments where risks are knowable and can be managed systematically, but humanitarian spaces are often anything but static and knowable. What implication does this have for NGOs struggling to overcome these risks and who might see adding technical complexity to the SRM process as their only available option?

The research looks at this and a range of other issues including whether security is influential enough within humanitarian organisations and what effect leadership buy-in has on resources and security culture. We hope you will be able to support this interesting area of research by completing the survey and sharing with others in your organisation.