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Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks

Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Why an integrated approach to SRM is important

Speakers: Philipp Burtzlaff (CBM), Lisa Reilly (GISF), Steve Dennis (SMRT Consulting), Dr Liza Jachens (Webster University Geneva)

A Person-Centred Approach to Security Risk Management: Benefits and challenges

Speakers: Philipp Burtzlaff (CBM), Lisa Short (Areté Business Performance), Bridget Hancock (UNHCR)

Building an Organisation Culture for Effective Security Risk Management: Exploring element of Duty of Care before, during and after incidents

Speakers: Steve Dennis (Steve Dennis Consulting), Christine Williamson (Duty of Care International)

Fixing the blind spot: Private security contracting in the humanitarian sector

Speakers: Panos Navrozidis (GISF), Jamie Williamson (ICoCa)

How Technology is Changing Security Risk Management in the Humanitarian Sector

Speakers: Lisa Short (Areté Business Performance), David Clamp (Raleigh International)

Inclusive Security, balancing aspirations, and constraints

Speakers: J-P Kiehl (ICRC), Catherine Deseure Plumridge (UNDSS)

How does race and racism impact aid workers' security?

Speakers: Léa Moutard (Independent Consultant), Tara Arthur (GISF), Elodie Leroy-Lemoigne (Plan International), Saara Bouhouche (WCAPS)

Tackling Mis-information and Dis-Information in Humanitarian Response

Speakers: Lisa Short (Areté Business Performance), Sandrine Tiller (MSF)