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Context Analysis

Attacks against Medical Facilities in Syria | Report

On 17th Sep 2019, Turkey and Russia agreed to create a demilitarised buffer zone in Idlib province. However, this agreement was not able to avoid the medical facilities from the hostile activities, and according to the datasets, more than 20…

27 Apr 2021 Resource

ACAPS Global Risk Analysis

ACAPS Global Risk Analysis outlines a number of key contexts where a notable deterioration may occur within the next six months, leading to a spike in humanitarian needs. ACAPS continue to monitor closely the risks identified in order to establish how…

29 Mar 2021 Resource

The State of Humanitarian Professions (SOHP) 2020

This report presents the findings of a study, undertaken by Bioforce, to describe the “State of Humanitarian Professions” (SOHP) in 2020. The study recognised 24 profession areas and, through consultation with humanitarian professionals, documented the key characteristics and changing nature…

22 Mar 2021 Resource