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Context Analysis

Difficulties of delivering aid in Northeast Nigeria: Boko Haram, vigilantes and other challenges

Fighting to establish an Islamic ‘Caliphate’, Boko Haram hit the UN compound in Nigeria’s capital Abuja in 2011, killing 18. After the UN attack, President Goodluck Jonathan ‘reaffirmed his government’s “total commitment” to combating terrorism.’ In early 2013, Boko Haram gunmen killed nine polio workers, one of the deadliest attacks against aid workers in the region. Recent attacks in Baga and Doron Baga, where approximately 2,000 civilians were killed have further increased security difficulties for humanitarian organisations. Located in the Northeastern tip of Nigeria, humanitarian agencies have been unable to reach the destroyed towns since the attack due to the unstable situation.

21 Jan 2015 Blog

UK Overseas Business Risk Joint Advisory Group seeks feedback

The UK Overseas Business Risk Joint Advisory Group is seeking feedback on their OBR country and thematic pages and the Political and Economic updates section of their website. UK-based NGOs are encouraged to participate - read on for further information!

16 Jan 2015 News

No Escape – Civilians in Syria Struggle to Find Safety Across Borders

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and International Rescue Committee (IRC) report on Syrian Civilians difficulty to find safe border crossings, they outline their recommendations for the international community, host countries and humanitarian agencies, NRC and IRC further analyse the context of Syrian…

8 Dec 2014 Resource

Understanding French Policy toward Chad and Sudan? A difficult task

This report by Roland Marchal tries to understand the French policy towards the african countries of Chad and Sudan. It starts by noting the discrepancies during the previous year in french statements regarding those countries, and it then analysis the…

5 Sep 2014 Resource

US Muslim Charities and the War on Terror: A Decade in Review

The first part of this report (2011) by The Charity and Security Network (CSN) describes how, since 2001, the U.S. government has shut down some U.S. based charities as supporters of terrorism and closed others when its leaders were charged…

1 Dec 2011 Resource

Russia’s North Caucasus: an arc of insecurity

This paper by CSS (2011) gives a brief history of relations between Russia and the North Caucasus, including tactics by the Russian government to combat secessionist and more recently terrorist threats. This includes an examination of Medvedev’s modernisation policy, stating…

1 Jun 2011 Resource